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Are you dealing with depression, anxiety, unhealthy behaviors, or hurtful/difficult relationships? Have you tried different strategies but have been unsuccessful in resolving your issues? My goal as a therapist is to find solutions that work for you.


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Clients see me because they are struggling and feel like they are stuck or at a standstill.

Clients come to my practice due to painful and difficult emotions, behaviours, experiences and/or relationships that are holding them back from living a peaceful and fulfilled life. Whether they are looking to process past trauma, heal emotional wounds, improve relationships, develop a skill, create healthy boundaries, or gain a deeper self-awareness for healing and growth, psychotherapy-as a process, helps.  

Through various proven techniques and approaches, I will work with you to figure out what behaviors, emotional wounds, thoughts, or beliefs might be keeping you stuck. I am trained in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), EMDR, Brief Psychodynamic Therapy, and Emotionally Focused Therapy.

Choosing the right therapist can be overwhelming that is why I offer a free 15-min telephone conversation (in French or English) to clients. A brief discussion will allow you to get a sense of who I am and if I am the right person to help you. Visit the rest of my website to learn more.

Services I offer:

  • Individual psychotherapy for Adults: I help patients who are struggling with anxiety and depression, negative or self-destructive behaviours, self-esteem problems, or relationship difficulties either romantically or with family. Working together, we will unpack your difficulties and move towards resolution and healing. 

Besma (Bess) Benali, Clinical Social Work/Therapist, MSW, RSW, Counselling Ottawa. I am trained in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT),  Psychodynamic Therapy, Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), and Emotionally Focused Therapy. Clients seek my help because they are struggling and feel like they are trapped.  Together, we will work on bringing you healing and relief.

More About Bess


It is a privilege and an honor to work with individuals' emotional and psychological needs.

I striver to offer a warm and nurturing space to patients, where they can feel safe and shame-free to discuss whatever it is that is bringing them to therapy.  I invite patients to work together to unpack their burden and find new ways of healing and finding greater inner peace.

After graduating from Dawson College in Montreal, I moved to Ottawa to pursue a a Bachelor’s in Social Sciences. After a one year break, I returned to graduate School for a Master’s in Social Work at the University of Ottawa.  Post-graduation, I worked as a clinical Social Worker and Psychotherapist in two local hospitals – the Royal Ottawa Mental Health Centre and the Montfort Hospital. My experience in hospital settings has taught me a great deal about compassion, creating an environment of safety and acceptance and the immense value of a trusting therapeutic relationship.

It has also made me aware that there is a dire need for mental health services in the community. People often have to wait long periods of time to access services, and even then, the services may not respond precisely to their needs. So I started my private practice where I invest heavily in training and continuing education, and now work almost exclusively with adults, with a strong focus on guiding my patients towards positive life changes, healing, and a healthy mind-body connection.

Recently I have become certified in EMDR – or Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing – and I am pleased to provide this highly effective therapy for patients with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), past or present trauma, environmental and complex illnesses, anxiety, depression, and chronic pain conditions such as Fibromyalgia.

I pride myself on being more than an intentional listener listener, but also someone to help you bring change.

My areas of expertise:

Intense anxiety
Emotional dysregulation
Depression, loss, trauma
Shame and guilt issues
Relational issues
Behavioral Issues
Family Conflict
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
Life’s Changes
Obesity/Weight Loss
Chronic Pain

Providing tailored services is my specialty! Regardless of the issues you are struggling with, I utilize a variety of Psychotherapy and Counselling methodologies to ensure you receive the specialized support you are looking for.

Therapy is a process designed to produce lasting change in your life. Through weekly or bi-weekly sessions, therapy can help you gain a greater sense of peace, understanding of the world you live in, and greater resolution of your personal issues. New Chapter Counselling offers a variety of therapies designed to help you achieve your well-being and personal goals. Your goals for therapy will be largely based on what you tell me during your intake session(s). You are unique, with unique needs. That is why I believe your therapy should be tailored specifically for you.

 If you have a relationship, career, stress, anxiety, or family issue, seeking therapy is the first and hardest step to take.  Get in touch with Bess today!