What to Expect

What to Expect



During your first session we will go through the client intake form that we sent you prior to our initial session and ask important questions to get a better understanding of your personality and a greater understanding of the nature of your problems. The objective of the first session is for you and your therapist to get to know one another and collaborate in establishing your short and long-term goals. We will then discuss a treatment plan and (if applicable) a recommended duration of therapy.

Some of our clients find that a few sessions are helpful, but the majority of our clients attend weekly or bi-weekly sessions on a long-term basis.



After your initial session you will meet with your therapist regularly to explore and work towards achieving your goals. Your therapist will structure the sessions to fit your particular personality and learning style by utilizing a number of Counselling and Psychotherapy methodologies.

We will always ask how you are feeling at the end of each session to ensure you are comfortable with the direction and progress. All sessions will be 60 -90 minutes in length (unless you are participating in an intensive, 3 hour focused therapy session).

We honour and respect every client’s boundaries and desire for what they want out of therapy. We find that the best work is achieved when the trust you and your therapist have built together is strong. This allows your therapy to evolve as you do.



During the last session of your recommended treatment plan we will evaluate progress made to-date and re-cap any important learnings/discoveries throughout the course of your therapeutic journey. We will also evaluate where you are now and how you are feeling.

Counselling and psychotherapy are so individualized and everyone can require a different amount of time, therefore we may recommend you continue with another treatment plan. However, if you have made a significant amount of progress and you are feeling comfortable and more confident, we will conclude the session by reminding you that you are always welcome back for a check-in session at any time!